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One of the most common questions that come my way is “Hey Ticia, what's the best computer/laptop/phone/tablet to buy?”

Hence the reason for this post. A one stop shop to send my people to to get a direct link to the best recommendations.

Disclaimer: I might get a teeny tiny commission if you purchase any of my recommendations but that will not change the cost of the item for you. Just know that I stand behind all recommendations, they come from brands I know, like and trust.

So….let's talk about computers and laptops. My favorite vendor is Dell. Why? Because their products are solid but what makes me a #superfan of Dell is their excellent warranty service. As long as you have a valid warranty with Dell, when you call them for service, they will send a technician to You to change out the part that needs replacement. No customer service line to stand in, no shipping for repair. Listen friend, anything that makes my life more convenient is gold to me.

So here are my 2020 recommendations for laptops.

High End

Budget Friendly

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or send me an email at